London based Dietitian and Pilates Instructor

Hey, my name is Jodie I help people live a healthier lifestyle and take control of their PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) through intuitive eating. I help you tune in to your instinctive wisdom to understand what your body needs. We all have this wisdom, often it’s clouded by years of food and diet rules, and calorie restrictions.  

Do you want to know a secret? 

Diets don’t work! Most people who lose weight will eventually regain their weight and more. Please know that you have not failed, your diets have!

As a registered dietitian I was trained to encourage clients to lose weight for various health reasons. Calorie counting and restrictions, weekly weigh ins and measurements and handing out diet sheets with foods that should be avoided. I often thought our training should have been renamed a Bachelor in fun spongery or called ourselves the food police.

Post-graduation I immediately moved away from the rigid rules of dieting and have always taken a much gentler approach with my clients. 

Sadly, what I always found was that my clients wanted to have control, they believed that in order to lose weight they had to feel deprived and hungry and permanently exhausted from hours of sweating at the gym, they wanted to check in with me on a weekly basis and be accountable to someone because then ‘failing’ would not be acceptable. 

Although this delivered weight loss initially, these behaviours were not realistic and not sustainable through real life.

If diets don’t work, what does? 

After years of struggling to get clients to move away from using the scale to measure their success I came across Intuitive Eating and the results have been incredible.

Clients who have adopted this approach have seen improvements in their cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, they have also increased their physical activity and fitness, improved their eating behaviours and their self-esteem and body confidence has sky rocketed.

What’s more is that their happiness is no longer dictated by the numbers on the scale, they don’t spend their days obsessing about how many calories they’ve consumed or what impact their next meal is going to have on their hips. They are free of diet culture!

Diets don’t work for PCOS either!

Most people don’t know this and would never guess by looking at me. I suffer with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and have done for years. I may not display all the common symptoms like acne, facial hair and am ‘leaner’ than many women who suffer with PCOS but I’ve been there, I too have felt these symptoms rob me of my femininity.

How many diets have you been on to control your PCOS? How many food groups have you eliminated? Sure, these may have worked in the short term, but eventually they lead to frustration and a search for the next thing to try.

This is where I come in….. 

Although my PCOS journey has been brutal both physically and mentally, I am so grateful for everything that I’ve learnt and that together with experience and my scientific background I am now able to share this with other women to help them take control of their PCOS.

You may currently feel like you have lost touch with your body and its innate needs but that is fixable and is something that will last a lifetime.

Diets can be damaging to those with PCOS, I want you to know that you do not have to go on another diet to try and control your symptoms. You do not have to punish your body with restrictive and extreme measures.

My 12-week programme is an evidence based, holistic, non-diet approach to living a healthier lifestyle and managing your PCOS. You will benefit from more energy, escape the rules of diet culture, improve self-esteem and body image, improve symptoms of PCOS (including regular ovulation) and gain practical tools and skills that last a lifetime.

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