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Managing your PCOS can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating process. GP’s and other healthcare professionals are often dismissive of your symptoms, offering a blanket treatment of using a hormonal contraceptive, and encouraging weight loss.

What if I told you that using hormonal contraceptive whilst helpful to mask your symptoms have more of a plaster impact – it’s simply hiding what’s going on underneath and not addressing the root cause?

Similarly, weight loss whilst it may initially appear to help can hinder your results more than anything. The pursuit of weight loss often causes additional stress and increases your cortisol levels which then aggravates your symptoms even more. Weight loss actually has little impact on your symptoms, it’s more likely that the behaviours around weight loss are helping improve your symptoms; increased vegetable intake, moving a little more and choosing nourishing foods that provide your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals can have profound results on your symptoms.

If you’d like to ditch the diet mentality and get to the root cause of your PCOS symptoms, then I’d love to work with you to figure out what lifestyle changes you could make to make life with PCOS more enjoyable.

Consultations involve a deep dive into your current lifestyle and habits, your symptoms and your history to gain a better understanding of what it is that’s driving your symptoms (we’ll talk sleep, stress, hobbies and more) and gain an insight into what changes will have the most impactful results.

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