Pilates Classes Online

In light of the current situation and the fact that most of us are currently unable to access gyms and studios I thought I’d bring the studio to you. 

I’m offering online Pilates classes via Zoom. All you need is a mat, a water bottle and a phone or laptop with internet access. Once you’ve booked your class you will receive a link, when it’s time to join the class simply follow the link and you’re ready to go. 

These will be dynamic Pilates classes with a HIIT style workout, the aim is to get all your major muscle groups working, increase your heart rate and strengthen your core. 

The purpose of Pilates is to restore the body’s natural balance through a series of precise, controlled movements focused on strengthening your core – the centre of support and stability for the entire body. This improves flexibility through stretching, strengthens by building long, lean muscles and improves posture and general mobility.

See you on the mat!

Keep checking back for more classes!