“I’ve suffered with PCOS for years and I felt I’d tried everything. Until I found Jodie!
I have lean PCOS so found it harder to try and manage it, as the usual advice is to lose weight. Although, overall, my lifestyle was healthy there were small things that needed tweaking. Jodie was so helpful in highlighting the areas that needed work and worked with me step by step in doing so.
Jodie, told me what I needed to do and which supplements & quantities I needed to take.
7 months later I’ve managed to lower my testosterone levels and create a healthy environment within my body.
This week I’ve received the best news; we’re having a baby!
I feel so much comfort in knowing that, keeping up with all of the new tricks Jodie taught me, and with taking all the right supplements we have a great chance of a healthy pregnancy.
Jodie makes you feel so comfortable, I felt as if I was chatting to a friend.
If you are considering working with Jodie, to manage your PCOS & make the right lifestyle changes, this is your sign to do it!!!
She’s absolutely wonderful.”


I reached out to Jodie when I was diagnosed with PCOS and our appointments have genuinely been the best money I’ve ever spent. For years I’ve struggled with fatigue, headaches, irregular/no period, and more without realising it’s all connected to PCOS. I had zero help from doctors so Jodie has been a lifesaver. Since working with her, I feel so energised, have far fewer headaches, my relationship with food and exercise is amazing, and I’ve got my period back after years without it. Her holistic approach to treatment has taught me you can manage your symptoms for life without medication and without strict rules – no cutting out gluten, dairy and carbs! On top of her extensive knowledge, Jodie is a lovely person who makes me feel at ease in our sessions. If you want to manage your PCOS, I can’t recommend her enough. I have such a great quality of life now and I really don’t think I could have done it without her help.


“Since finding your website rather randomly while in a PCOS internet rabbit hole, you have allowed me to take back control and really understand my body. Your willingness to listen and understand really cant be overlooked, especially as most women in our position don’t when visiting GPs. Your explanations and suggestions are always clear and simple and never demanding. You have taught me to really listen to the cues my body is sending and understanding what it needs and how many outside factors can very much affect the internal. ”


“Jodie is an excellent practitioner and communicator. Her guidance exceeded my expectations – I loved the way our sessions combined specific, practical advice with mindfulness approaches to support overall wellbeing and self-care. Jodie’s sessions encouraged me to change my mindset around how I manage my PCOS and diet, so that I could foster lasting change, rather than simply adjusting what I eat. I would definitely consider working with Jodie again in the future, and have already recommended her to a friend.”


“After years of struggling with my PCOS symptoms, which were impacting me in my everyday life, I decided it was time to get some professional help. From my first free 15 minute consultation, I knew Jodie was the right person for me to work with. She instantly put me at ease and completely understood and empathised with how I was feeling. I was able to be completely honest and to talk about some different things, which helped me to get to where I am now. Jodie is extremely knowledgeable and I have made so many positive changes that have impacted not only my body but my mind. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful to Jodie for helping me on this journey.”


“I got in touch with Jodie a few months ago and from the initial consultation she was really understanding and helpful about my PCOS situation. She has really helped me understand my body and what it needs. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is really really good!”


“Jodie’s PCOS plan has really helped me to understand my PCOS. She advised me on what supplements to take as well as writing to my GP to fight my corner and get the blood tests and medication I needed. She has been so supportive and her knowledge and understanding of PCOS has been invaluable.”