Be prepared to work hard to improve strength, general fitness and improve your health. Pilates is an effective form of exercise that not only strengthens your body but also your mind. 

Suitable for all stages of life and especially beneficial for pregnant women or women rebuilding their bodies post pregnancy. 


How to find time to exercise with a busy schedule

Pre & Post Natal Classes

Pilates is a powerful way to keep your body strong throughout pregnancy and prepare for birth. It’s also a great way to recover and regain your strength once your little one has arrived. 

Join me for online classes from the comfort of your own home. 

6 ways to motivate yourself to exercise

1-2-1 Classes

I am available, dependent on location, for 1-2-1 classes. Receive a plan tailored to your specific goals and areas that require a little more attention. 

Pilates classes in South London

Corporate Classes / Events

Health improves productivity and general wellbeing. Corporate classes are great for improving desk posture and correcting and avoiding back pain.

I’m also available for one off health and wellness events.