I offer a wide range of consultancy services for various projects. I have experience working with brands on new product launches and claim generation, creating content for media articles and blog posts as well as assisting in the development and delivery of corporate wellness programs.

Online dietary consultations

  • Assessment of your current lifestyle, medical history and food choices
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Behaviour change techniques for long term change
  • A personalised plan to suit your current lifestyle, concerns and goals
  • Practical nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • Mindfulness tools and techniques
  • Coping strategies and dealing with setbacks
  • Address any concerns and/or questions you have related to your lifestyle
  • Follow up appointments

Pilates Classes

  • 1-2-1 Pilates classes
  • Corporate classes in your office
  • Group classes
  • Health events

Media & Health writing

  • Media spokesperson for British Dietetics Association
  • Evidence based articles/blog posts
  • Converting science jargon into everyday consumable language
  • Comments & quotes for articles and PR campaigns


  • Provide nutritional analysis of products and recipes
  • Assistance in new product development/formulations
  • Guidance in creating marketing assets that comply with current legislation
  • Market leading nutrition and health strategies based on new and upcoming trends
  • Assistance in planning and participating in PR Events
  • Copy-writing for marketing materials
  • Creation of education resources
  • Delivery of education sessions