Spanakopita Eggs

If you’re looking for a little breakfast inspiration – here it is, with a slight Greek twist!⁠I love scrambled eggs, and probably have them at least once a week. The great thing about eggs is how versatile they are – you can try so many different flavour combinations and sneak in some extra veg at breakfast.

Spanakopita Eggs Recipe

Ingredients: ⁠

Sourdough bread⁠
2-3 eggs⁠
20g Feta cheese⁠ (use reduced fat if you’re trying to cut back on calories
1 big handful of spinach⁠
Olive oil

Salt & Pepper⁠


1. Mix your eggs, spinach, salt and pepper in a bowl⁠
2. Pour in to a heated non-stick frying pan and pop your bread in the toaster⁠
3. Once the eggs are nearly done add your feta and keeping mixing the eggs⁠, this softens the feta and makes the eggs a little creamier
4. Once the toast is done I drizzle mine with a little extra virgin olive oil and then pop the eggs on top and enjoy!⁠


*Tip: Crack eggs on a flat surface to avoid the shell ending up in the food

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